My name is Alice I live in sydney and I love John frusciante
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John Frusciante - Going Inside

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The fourth song is called “A Firm Kick” and continues my series of A songs (“A Doubt”, “A Corner”). It contains a noisy guitar solo that i did by beating the fuck out of my guitar.

-John Frusciante

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"I would hear the music in my head in the hospital and I thought, ‘Is this music I’m going to make or is this music that I could have made if I’d lived my life differently?’ Now I know it was music that I was going to make"

John Frusciante

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!!!!You know those people you love to be around and they make you really happy but they are so unreliable and draining to make plans with


hello dere


Red Hot Chili Peppers - If You Have To Ask

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