My name is Alice I live in sydney and I love John frusciante
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Red Hot Chili Peppers

"He’s really talented and he’s very knowledgeable musically. He knows all the shit I don’t know. I basically know nothing about music theory and he’s studied it to death, inside out. He’s a very disciplined musician. All he cares about is his guitar and his cigarettes."

Flea about John (1989)

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When Fru posts a track on his sound cloud :))


guys since i deleted my “all bands” blog i will be posting some chili peppers pics here. 


Billboard, March 10th 2001 John receiving an award on behalf of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Vienna, February 2001


Any guitar solo should reflect the music that it’s soloing over and not just be existing in its own sort of little world ~ John Frusciante




John Frusciante

I just want to be annoying and say I love your blog so much xoxox
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That’s no way annoying, thank you!!